Thursday, October 6, 2016 / #CaseStudySummit / – What a great session by both Larry Barker – President & CEO and Yury Nabokov – Internet Marketing Manager from Machias Savings Bank.

Simply put, results really happen due to a financial institution’s culture and the sharing of not only their own story but their customers’ stories as well. Machias Savings Bank found that video storytelling was the most effective way to get consumers and their market to learn about their institution. Most financial institutions underestimate the value of video and over-estimate the cost of creating it. Larry and Yury shared that all videos they’ve created so far have been produced in-house. They also emphasized that creating videos with local businesses can significantly increase results, especially for a much lower cost with increased effectiveness than having professional video productions.  They showed a video in which they recorded and edited 100% on an iPhone 6. It’s not difficult to gain results and traffic once the initial storytelling video strategy is initially created, and Machias Savings Bank is a testament to that.

Once you identify your video strategy and content, the actual video production becomes easier. Larry Barker, President & CEO of Machias Savings Bank, understands what they are attempting to accomplish and has become a big part of the marketing process. This helps keep Machias Savings Bank marketing, agile and flexible. I believe this is probably the biggest take away, since, most of their video content is created with employees and customers.

Other great shares from this presentation was a deep and thorough walk through of the technology and software Machias Savings Bank uses, as well as other multiple steps they take before creating any video. Their presentation was a great combination of both their #CaseStudySummit story and a “how-to” guide for banks and credit unions that are interested in implementing video production but don’t know exactly where to begin. Thank you Larry and Yury!

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